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Coping with maternity stress - Being a mum

Modern life has left many mums feelings overwhelmed, stressed and feeling down as a result of trying to ‘do it all’. The role of ‘mother’ has significantly changed over the past 70 years. The role is no longer clearly defined. Whilst the modern era allows women to have the same rights as men, many women have had to adopt both the traditional male and female household and career roles - so life has in fact become harder for many career women - especially career mothers.

Many mothers find themselves feeling stressed, tired, fed-up and riddled with guilt. The helpformums website has been designed to help mothers reduce anxiety/fear and depression which is often the by-products of all the pressure many mothers experience in modern life. The Perfect Mum book deals specifically with all the issues many mums talk about amongst themselves, but often feel embarrassed to admit in open forums. These issues include:

The philosophy behind helpformums is to assist mothers - just like you - to:

It’s perfectly normal to go through periods when you need a little extra professional support, so don’t spend another day trying to cope alone, book in a telephone therapy session, sign up for a course, or order your copy of one of our self-help books today.

Supporting mums to deal with stress in motherhood
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